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If you find yourself accused of a crime, you need to talk to an attorney experienced in criminal law.
Misdemeanors and felonies could result in jail time, so you want to make sure you’re properly
defending yourself via competent counsel. An attorney can give you an expectation as to the
possibilities of your avoiding having a criminal record and the possibility of exposure to
serving any jail time.

An attorney will figure out the elements of your alleged criminal conduct that will factor
into your exposure to having a criminal record and serving jail time. An attorney should be
able to discuss with you how to navigate a path to hopefully avoiding any criminal record,
or jail time, or even getting your case dismissed or receiving a plea offer that will have
you avoid any criminal record and lesson any possible punishment.

Different counties will handle cases differently and maybe harsher than other counties on
different crimes in New York. Some NYC counties will offer to plea bargain on certain criminal
charges will others will only allow you to plead to only the top charge. Some counties may force
you to waive speedy trial time and or “grand jury presentation time” in order to discuss a
possible plea offer.

Sometimes attorneys will voluntarily request the waiving of this time to discuss a possible
plea bargain or present certain evidence to a prosecutor to attempt to clear an accused or
to try to get a plea offer. An attorney should know if your arrest is a case that you should
be waiving time to discuss a plea offer, or to present evidence tending to clear the accused,
or in the contrary if your case is the type that you should force the prosecutor to move forward
with a case to the next stage giving the prosecutor scant amount of time.

Note that certain kinds of restitution cannot be discharged in bankruptcy..

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